Electrical Panels

Reliability and precision at the service of the industry: our industrial electrical panels ensure safety and efficiency for every application.

On-board Machine Systems

Maximize your productivity with our industrial on-board machine control systems: innovative solutions for precise and reliable control of your production line.

Recycling control room

Ecological efficiency without compromise: discover our Recycling Control Room, the plug-and-play container with advanced electrical panels and control stations to optimize material recycling processes.

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Experts in the design of automation systems.

Valtech specializes in the design and production of industrial automation systems and industrial electrical panels.

Our expertise sets us apart, as the entire process, from conception to realization, is managed internally by our experienced team.

Our well-established approach and efficient organization ensures the highest quality in the finished products we deliver to our clients. Project sustainability and adherence to delivery timelines are key objectives that we commit to achieving, in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Our mission is to provide reliable and high-quality industrial automation solutions, contributing to the efficiency and sustainability of our clients’ industrial operations.

Production and complete development of automation systems.

We carry out complete projects: electrical panels, installation of on-board machine systems and control cabins.


Thanks to our extensive lifting experience, we offer excellent service with innovative products. We optimize costs and benefits by carefully analyzing customer needs. Our dedication ensures high-quality solutions, solving each client’s challenges for lasting results.


We are partners of steel companies and collaborate with consolidated sector players. We apply our skills to develop projects on a wide range of machinery. Our determination allows us to offer tailor-made solutions, guaranteeing high-level results.


Our expertise in industrial automation for recycling stands out for the design of control panels for systems with conveyor belt systems and machinery for separating materials. We collaborate with leading companies, integrating a wide range of components to develop sophisticated systems dedicated to the separation of materials.


Thanks to partnerships with leading companies, we create cutting-edge automated warehouses. We provide complete automation and control solutions to precisely manage machines, such as overhead cranes and trolleys. We also manage the Level 2 interface with advanced software and interactive control consoles, ensuring safe and efficient control both on site and remotely.


Cutting line for rolled profiles.

In collaboration with Steele, we developed and provided the entire automation system for a new cutting plant for rolled profiles.

Electrical Overhead Crane Revamping.

A significant project where we carried out a complete revamping of the overhead crane automation system, supplying and installing a

Asonext Power Center.

The project involved the supply and installation of a new power center at the Asoforge factory (ASONEXT) as part of


Valtech is a growing company experiencing rapid expansion.
We are always on the lookout for new talents to join our teamwork.

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